Hole 8

Par : 4

Handicap : 8


  • 387 yards from the blue tee markers.
  • 367 yards from the white tee markers.
  • 356 yards from the yellow tee markers.
  • 346 yards from the red tee markers.




  • This is one of the more difficult par 4 due to tight driving and approach shots with water all the way along the right side and trees on the left.
  • Tee shots aiming to the left side of the fairway while being safe from the right side ponds have to contend with uneven lies and rough on the left mounds as well as a couple of Longan trees just off the fairway.
  • The green has a narrow approach area as half of it is guarded by water and sand bunker on the front right side.
  • A ball landing just left of the water or the bunker has a tendency to bounce to the right.
  • A safer approach is to hit to the left side of the green as a miss on the left is not as costly as a miss to the right or over the green.
  • The green is of relatively small size and only has mild slopes.
  • Par would be a good score on this hole.
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