Club regulations

1. Maximum number of players per group is 4. (5 golfers only allowed with the use of golf carts)
2. Any player not registered at the Pro Shop 15 minutes before his/her starting time and the Pro Shop may allocate that time to
someone else.
3. Players must report to the starter at the first tee at least 5 minutes before their scheduled tee time. Those who do not report on
time may lose their place and must wait for the next available slot.
4. A group, which fails to keep its place on the course and loses mor than on clear hole on the players in front, may be forced to
skip a hole in order to maintain the pace of play. Maximum the pace of play 4 hours & 30 minutes per 18 holes.
5.The player assistants are empowered to maintain the etiquette and pace of pla. As such, they have the right to reprimand or remove players from the course.
6.Non- golfers or Followers are permitted on the course, but must be in a cart. There will be and additional charge of
600THB/person and 750THB for the power cart. All non-golfers must be in a cart.
7.The appropriate standards of dress are shirt with a collar, tailored shorts or trousers, sport sock and spike golf shoes. 
8. T- Shirt, V-Shirt and Blue Jean are not permitted.
9. The golfers renting the power cart is responsible for any damage causes to or by the rented cart.
10. On wet or rain days, power carts will be strictly confined to the carts path at all times.
11. In normally, only one golfer per one golf carts.
12. Golfers are not allowed to share golf sets, each golfer must own 1 golf set. 
13. Golfers are not allowed to play with out any caddie. Each golfer must be accompanied by at least 1 caddie.
14.Outside food or drinks are not allow in the club house or on the golf course without prior written permission of the managing.
15.Children are welcome at Mae Jo Golf Resort and Spa. However, parent are solely resonsible for the conduct and action of their children.
16.Children under 12 are required to be supervisor at all time.
17.The Golfers is responsible for any damage to property within or outside the golf course caused by his/her golf ball or equipment.
The person who hitting the golf ball will be resonsible financially for any damage caused by his/her golf ball or equipment.
18. The Club reservation have the right to remove any golfers who not adhering to the rules of the club. This includes anyone
causing a disturbance to other guests.

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