Hole 2

Par : 3

Handicap : 12


  • 176 yards from the blue tee markers.
  • 169 yards from the white tee markers.
  • 137 yards from the yellow tee markers.
  • 100 yards from the red tee markers.


Over the fence on the right side of the hole.


  • A medium distance par three with probably the most difficult green of the whole course.
  • Shots from the back tee must carry 140 yards of water, however, weaker players can make use of bail out areas front right of the green.
  • The very large green has two ridges running across dividing it into three areas all sloping severely from right to left
  • The water guarding the entire left side of the green would probably influent most shots to end up on the right side of the green or on the large green side mounds.
  • Approach shots that come to rest on the right side of the pin will be faced with very fast downhill putts.
  • Three or four putts on this green are not uncommon.
  • The best place to putt from is below and left of the pin.
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