Hole 16

Par : 5

Handicap : 7


  • 531 yards from the blue tee markers.
  • 491 yards from the white tee markers.
  • 460 yards from the yellow tee markers.
  • 460 yards from the red tee markers.


Over the fence on left side of the fairway.


  • This is a zigzag dogleg par 5 with the first corner turns to the right and the second turns to the left with beautiful matured Longan trees lining both sides of the fairway and around the green.
  • With the first bend being not deep and only 160 yards from the tee, tee shots hit over 200 yards long along the fairway and not cutting enough into the dogleg may overshoot the fairway and end up in the trees or out of bound.
  • Long hitters can cut very deep into the bend and well executed shots may have a possibility of hitting over the next bend to reach the green in two or to lay up for an easy pitch to the green.
  • Players who cannot hit as long or choose a safer play can place their shot on the intended landing areas just around each bend to reach the green in regulation with a short or medium iron third shot.
  • AThe relatively small green is well protected by a deep sand bunker behind a steep mound front left of the green and an overhanging tree on the front right side.
  • The green is raised such that a run on shot is difficult and approach shots just short of the green will stop and remain short.
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