Hole 11

Par : 4

Handicap : 15


  • 312 yards from the blue tee markers.
  • 312 yards from the white tee markers.
  • 304 yards from the yellow tee markers.
  • 288 yards from the red tee markers.


Over the fence behind the green.


  • This is a severe dogleg left hole over a large span of water on the left and another lake right of the landing area.
  • The dogleg corner is only 160 yards away from the tee allowing most players to cut as deep into the dogleg as they choose.
  • Most long hitters will aim their drives slightly to the right of the green. A successful shot to that position will land only a short pitch away from the green A distance of only 275 yards from tee to green may temp very aggressive players to try to drive the green.
  • Probably only very few attempts to drive the green will be successful as it will be next to impossible to stop the balls on the green and any balls hit short of the green surface will land in the water or caught in very difficult green side sand bunker. A ball hit too long may end up out of bound behind the green or in another green side sand bunker on the right. Getting out of either bunker may not be easy as each has a beautiful Lychee tree in the middle that may prevent clear shots to the flag.
  • Although it is the shortest par 4 on the course, it certainly is not the easiest.
  • The well guarded and small green makes most approach shots difficult. The green has a hump in the upper middle area making putts from the wrong side of the hump or above the pin very difficult.
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