Hole 12

Par : 4

Handicap : 9


  • 390 yards from the blue tee markers.
  • 369 yards from the white tee markers.
  • 327 yards from the yellow tee markers.
  • 327 yards from the red tee markers.


Over the fence on the left all the way from tees to green and over the fence behind the green.


  • The lake next to the tees may be intimidating for some players on this medium length par 4 hole but it is not really in play from the tees.
  • The hole is almost straight with only a slight turn to the left beyond the intended landing area.
  • Though the whole right side of the fairway is lined with matured longan trees, the OB area on the left will probably cause most tee shots to be aimed more to the right side of the landing area.
  • All reasonable well executed tee shots will have clear approaches to the medium size green which is guarded by three sand bunkers.
  • The slopes on the green are mild and there should be less 3 putts here than on most other greens on the course.
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